Edwards Equestian

Here are just some of the comments that have been made about Edwards Equestrian:

“We came to Charly for lessons through a recommendation of a friend. Isabel was struggling with lack of confidence with a young pony. Within the first lesson, Charly had started to gain both their trust. Isabel is now jumping confidently over higher fences and improving all the time. Charly was more than helpful, offering to teach at Patchetts Equestrian Centre when we hired the course. Being closer to my daughter’s age helped with the vital connection which is so important, combined with Charly’s experience with horses. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Gill Lanning (January 2014)

“Charly has an amazing school with lots of jumps. She has helped me with my old pony Beauty and was very flexible coming to ours to teach, she has also helped me with my new pony and has given me loads of advice. She has been a great asset to my confidence and technique.” – Orla Morrin (January 2014)

“Since attending Edwards Equestrian, my pony and I have improved so much from the teaching and facilities. We both gained so much confidence that I now go to events believing I can succeed. I never thought I would be able to successfully do a course the height I have completed at Edwards Equestrian!” – Amy Jackson (January 2014)

“I have recently begun training with Charly to improve our show jumping phase of eventing. I find it extremely useful to train at her yard as there is always a full course set up which is changed every week and has all the types of fences you would meet out at a competition so it is very good preparation for an event. I also found beneficial to have Charly watch my show jumping round at Patchetts back in December as she was able to walk to course with me and provide me with feedback after my round. I am already noticing the improvement in our show jumping since we made adjustments in our last lesson, so I am looking forward to the next session!” – Morgan Saper (January 2014)

“My daughter Georgia has been having lessons for some time now and loves going each week. Charly is very hands on with her pupils and will also get on the pony to iron out any quirks. You can ask her to train at other venues too and she always turns up with a smile and lots of encouragement. I have recommended Charly to come friends who also now train at Charly’s yard.” – Sue Vella (January 2014)

“Charly did a fantastic job schooling and looking after Izzy and handling her sale. It’s so nice to know she’s gone to a good home.” – Jan Freeborn (October 2013)